Flying Food Group is a privately owned provider of exceptional meals for the world’s premier airlines and leading retail brands which is based in the United States. Flying Food Group consistently earns awards and the enduring loyalty of our customers.  Our network of facilities and our collaborative corporate structure delivers rapid responses to the needs of our customers.


Customer service is our core commitment and partnership is our operating model.  We collaborate with each valued customer to address their evolving needs.  Flying Food Group was founded in 1983 by legendary entrepreneur Sue Gin.  Her mission was to provide top quality products backed by exceptional customer service. Building on Sue’s legacy, Flying Food Group’s current CEO David Cotton, continues the company’s expansion and steady growth.

Retail Catering

Backed by a top culinary team and a nationwide production network, we supply meals and snacks for the world’s leading retail brands. 


Our strategic network of facilities assures culinary consistency to the benefit of our customers.   


Our exceptional multi-national team of skilled chefs develops and supervises production of quality meals and snacks for airline customers and retail partners. 

News & Awards

Extensive industry coverage, and multiple customer and industry awards, confirm that Flying Food Group is the leading airline and retail catering company in the United States.